Since I’ve focused mostly on older movies so far, I thought that it would be good to talk about a movie that came out recently. Looper came out just a few weeks ago, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt  and Bruce Willis. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a man named Joe, who lives in the year 2044. Joe works for a group of killers called Loopers, hired by the mob. Thirty years in the future, the mob will invent time travel, and so they will send targets for the Loopers back in time to the year 2044. At this point your brain is probably hurting very badly. To make things even more baffling, one day Joe goes to kill his target, and finds an older version of himself instead of the usual random people.

Mind. Blown.

Of course, the older version of Joe is played by Bruce Willis. And of course, Bruce Willis kills a lot of people. In fact, there’s one scene where Bruce Willis kills more people than he does in the entirety of Die Hard and Die Hard 2 combined. The movie is very violent in some parts, and viscerally so. Instead of movies that I have discussed in the past, that are incredibly violent and have fun with it, Looper instead takes every death in the movie very seriously. Looper has very few scenes where there is violence just for the hell of it.

Looper is not a fun movie. While it totally kicks ass, its much more Blade Runner than it is Total Recall. The story has a ton to say about the human condition, and is largely a discussion on how much control fate has over our life. But the best part about Looper is that, if you would rather not think about deep thoughts while watching the movie, you don’t have to. Instead, you can watch it for the suspense, the action, and the incredible acting.

And the insistent bad-assery.

One last thing about the movie. You may be wondering, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks nothing like Bruce Willis. How am I supposed to believe that they’re the same person separated by thirty years? Well, director Rian Johnson saw this problem coming long before anybody else did. To get around it, Gordon-Levitt’s face is covered in prosthesis. The result is a JGL who looks like a cross between Bruce Willis and an eyebrow controlled alien. It looks really weird, but also very cool.

Take me to your leader.

That being said, Looper is still an amazing movie. Rian Johnson has made a huge accomplishment. Looper is one of the best sci-fi movies I have ever seen, and deserves to be in the pantheon with Blade Runner, Alien, and The Matrix. A must see for fans of those movies and movie-goers of all kinds.