Celebration Rock


Celebration Rock is the second album by the Vancouver B.C. band Japandroids. Now I know what you’re thinking. How can Canadians make a good rock album? I know, it baffles me just as much. But believe it or not, Celebration Rock is the best rock album I’ve heard in years, Canadian or not.

Part of what makes the Japandroids so awesome is that they are two people. These two dudes, Brian King and David Prowse, met each other when they were in college. While they may just be a guitarist and a drummer, they never sound like it. There are bands with five or six members in them who sound worse than the Japandroids. Which bring me to my second favorite part about the band. What the hell is a Japandroid? It sounds like a seventies live action Japanese kids show, sort of like Ultra-Man or Power Rangers.


Japandroid, activate!

But don’t worry, the story behind the name explains everything. You see, David Prowse wanted to name the band Japanese Scream, and Brian King wanted to name the band Pleasure Droids. So naturally, they combined the two into one awesome name. Thus the Japandroids were born.

While their story is plenty cool, it would mean nothing if they didn’t have the music to back it up. And they do, in spades. While the King and Prowse may look like two hipsters sponging off their parents allowance at the age of 27, their music is nothing like their indie rock counterparts.


I used to like the Japandroids, but then they got cool.

 They play serious, fun rock and roll. I like to think that I listen to a lot of music, so it means something when I say that I haven’t heard a better rock song than “The House That Heaven Built” in a long time. Their songs are all about partying, having a good time, and living life one day at a time. You get a sense that these guys don’t care about what anybody thinks of them, they just want to make good music. And they do. If you’re one of those people who insist that rock music is dead, or you just love to hear some good old fashioned kick-ass electric guitar, then Celebration Rock is totally worth a listen


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